Laravel Bash Aliases

Laravel Bash Aliases

How To Create Your Own Base Aliases

nano  ~/.bashrc

un Comment this line or add the following line

if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then
. ~/.bash_aliases

To load a .bash_aliases file, if it exists, so you can put all your aliases in it and make them easier to share and keep up.

nano ~/.bash_aliases

Add the following line on the file

alias art="php artisan"

ave the file and type the following in the terminal:

source ~/.bashrc

Some Examples

alias migrate="php artisan migrate"
alias pa='php artisan'
alias par:l='php artisan route:list'
alias pam:r='php artisan migrate:refresh'
alias pam:rs='php artisan migrate:refresh --seed'
alias cu='composer update'
alias ci='composer install'
alias cda='composer dump-autoload -o'
alias c='composer'
alias _='sudo'
alias tinker='php artisan tinker'
alias ..="cd ../"
alias ...="cd ../../"
alias ....="cd ../../../"
alias .....="cd ../../../../"

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